Attorneys & Staff

Martinez Legal, PC


Marci B. Martinez, Founding Partner / Attorney

Marci Martinez

Marci B. Martinez is the founding partner of Martinez Legal PC. She has been practicing law in Texas since 2008, having worked at numerous law firms before establishing her own practice. She focuses primarily on cases involving divorce, estate planning, adoptions, premarital agreements and private mediation for clients in Denton, the Dallas Metroplex and across Texas.

Bonnie Sattawhite, Attorney

Bonnie Sattawhite

Bonnie Sattawhite, was licensed to practice law in the State of Texas in May of 2011 and is a certified Mediator. She currently practices estate planning and family law, with previous experience in oil & gas, probate and business law.

Jennifer Schultz, Of Counsel

Jennifer Schultz

Jennifer Schultz is licensed in both Texas and California. Ms. Schultz has exclusively practiced family law in Denton County since 2016.


Minerva Ozuna, Senior Paralegal

Minerva Ozuna

Minerva Ozuna has been a paralegal for 22 years in Denton County and specializes in family law. Minerva combines her background with continued education with her extensive legal expertise to provide a unique and compassionate approach to our clients.

Stephanie Elvington, Senior Paralegal

Stephanie Elvington

Stephanie Elvington began her legal career in Denton County, fresh out of high school and is a proficient paralegal with 25 years’ experience specializing in family law. She provides outstanding legal services to the Denton County community.

Monica de la Rosa, Legal Secretary

Monica da la Rosa

Monica de la Rosa has over 28 years’ experience in the role of an administrative assistant/secretary. She worked as a legal secretary for 10 years prior to her role as administrative assistant with DISD. She received her associate degree in early child education