Co-Parenting: Why is it important?

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When people get divorced, often their first thought is that they will not have to deal with their ex-spouse anymore. But if a couple has kids, that is not true. The two parents will have years of dealing with each other since they are both still the parents of their children. The parents’ focus now… Read more »

Common Divorce Questions: How Long Does It Take to Get Divorced?

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There is no easy answer to the question about how long it will take for the divorce to be final. According to Texas law, there is a minimum waiting period of 60 days after the suit was filed.  If you and your spouse agree on the resolution of every issue, and file your written settlement agreement with… Read more »

Common Divorce Questions: How Much Does A Divorce Cost?

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 One question almost every person who is beginning the divorce process asks is, “How much is this going to cost?” The definitive answer is, “It all depends.” There is no way to predict exactly how much a divorce will cost since it depends entirely on how contentious the spouses are. Family law attorneys almost all work on an… Read more »

Why Should I Get a Prenup?

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Valentine’s Day is a time when a lot of couples get engaged. In the weeks that follow, there should be a discussion about whether to have a prenup. There are some good reasons for getting a prenuptial or premarital agreement. 5 Reasons to Get a Prenup Prenuptial agreements have received their share of criticism. Some say they are… Read more »

Why Should My Divorce Be Child Centered?

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When parents divorce, they are often so caught up in their own disagreements that they let their emotions get in the way of doing what is best for the children. At Martinez Legal, P.C., we help our clients make their divorce child-centered. A child-centered divorce can make a tremendous difference in the future of the child(ren). This… Read more »