Considering a Divorce? What should you know beforehand?


Filing for divorce is not an easy decision. There are several things you should consider beforehand. Knowing what to expect before filing for divorce can make the process easier. Before you start searching for a family lawyer in Texas, prepare yourself by considering these factors first.

What are some important things to consider before a divorce?

A divorce can affect a lot:  your home, finances, children, other family members, even your job. Before filing for divorce, consider:

  • Where you will live while the divorce is pending?
  • Where you want to live after the divorce is final?
  • How will the marital debt/assets be divided?
  • How will the household bills be managed?
  • If there are children from the marriage, how will the custody arrangement work while the divorce is pending and afterward?
  • How will other family members be affected by the divorce, i.e. parents, siblings, even extended family members?
  • Will you need to change your job or adjust your work hours to accommodate a set custody schedule and your new financial situation?
  • Should you or your children seek the assistance of a mental health professional?

What kinds of things can complicate a divorce?

Even if you and your ex are amicable, divorces can, often do, get messy. Custody and the division of marital assets and debt are the top two things that can complicate a divorce. Because there are so many factors that go into a divorce, it’s best to contact a skilled Denton County divorce lawyer to discuss all options, such as mediation, available to you during the divorce process.

How can an attorney help you prepare for a divorce and how can they make the divorce process easier?

Divorce attorneys are highly skilled when it comes to dealing with the important matters surrounding a divorce. They can give you advice on everything from custody to child support to spousal maintenance to the division of marital property.

The dedicated team at Martinez Legal P.C. will guide you through every step of the divorce process. We will explain all your options and work hard to get you results fast with least amount of stress possible.