Can You Get Divorced During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

covid and divorce

If your marriage is in trouble and you are headed for divorce court, you can get divorced, even during this COVID-19 crisis. Texas courts are sensitive to the need for a couple to continue with their divorce in progress, or to begin the divorce process, so they can move their lives forward.  The courts also understand that children are often involved and the court is able to hear hearings, if needed, to make decisions regarding the parties and the children by way of Zoom.

How the Courts are Working with the Crisis

Family law courts are accommodating the crisis. We can still file documents with the courts electronically and start the process or respond to those filed by your spouse. Courts are conducting hearings by Zoom. The court can still sign off on documents and issue orders electronically. Everything we could do before this pandemic, we can do now. The difference is that we now do almost all of it electronically.

It seems that courts are more available for scheduling hearings. Zoom is making things go a little bit faster. Courts are not holding as many hearings, so the courts are not backlogged. The same is true with our mediators. They seem to be more available by Zoom than they were before.

The Mediation Process and COVID-19

We are now doing mediations through Zoom. The process is similar to when we do an in-person mediation. When in-person, the clients are in separate rooms and the mediator would go back and forth from room to room. The same thing is happening in Zoom.

The clients are placed in virtual waiting rooms, each with their own attorney. The mediator goes back and forth between the virtual rooms and the clients never see each other.  The mediator can effectively communicate with all parties through Zoom.

COVID-19 and the Stress on a Marriage

COVID-19 stay at home orders have put a lot of strain on marriages where the spouses were trying to make it work. Instead, many have decided that they just cannot make it work any longer.

The crisis is not a reason to be forced to continue living together in an impossible situation. There are options available for divorcing in Denton County even during this crisis.

If you need to begin the divorce process the fear of COVID-19 does not need to keep you from taking action. At Martinez Legal, P.C., we can help you through the process with recommended virus prevention protections in place.

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