The Fear of Divorce: Understanding and Tackling Your Fears


Divorce and fear go hand in hand.  If you are feeling some anxiety about the idea of divorce or the divorce process itself, know that you are not alone. Fear of the unknown is one of the most common reactions to the divorce process.

Understanding Divorce Fears

While divorce can be scary, managing your fears is an important part of the divorce process.  Fear can result in mistakes.  Understanding your fears can be the first step to conquering them and not allowing them to wreck negotiations.

Many fears about divorce center around just a few categories.

  • Fearing the Impact on Your Children

Children are extremely important in any relationship, and there is a real fear of how the divorce will affect your children, both in the short term and for years to come.  Keeping the family together to not only protect your children, but also conform to society’s expectations, is a real concern for many couples considering divorce.  According to Psychology Today, when your home is filled with negativity, tension, and conflict, it can be more traumatizing to a child than a divorce.  For some couples, staying together for the kids just cannot work and would actually have a worse impact on their children compared to simply making the jump to a divorce.

  • Financial and Economic Fears

It is no surprise that division of a couple’s assets will often result in significant financial and economic changes.  Spouses may not be financially prepared to take on paying for an entire household on their own, for example.

Know that there will be changes, but you can craft your divorce arrangement so that it has as little financial impact on you as possible.  Making a plan with your attorney for your specific goals and needs is important.  You may also be able to make an agreement with your spouse that helps you make the transition to a new career.

  • Emotional and Mental Fears

For many, a divorce means altering virtually every aspect of your life.  Just that thought alone can be emotionally and mentally draining and overwhelming.  You are not alone.

Keep in mind that the pain of divorce is temporary.  Staying in an unhealthy relationship or household where you are uncomfortable, feel unsafe, or just are not happy will last much longer than the divorce process.  Steps can be taken to mitigate the stress of a divorce process.

It’s okay to have some fear of your divorce, but you should not let that fear keep you from taking action that you know you need to take.  We are here to help you through this difficult time at Martinez Legal, P.C. and face it head-on.

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