Maintaining Your Dignity During Divorce

Divorce and Maintaining your dignity

Going through a divorce is fraught with emotion on both sides. This is true even if both parties believe the divorce is in their best interest. In some cases, one party does not want the divorce, which increases the stress. In fact, psychologists rank divorce as the second most stressful event in a person’s life. The only event more stressful is the death of a spouse.

During the divorce process, spouses often have a tendency to lash out at each other. To bring up all past discretions and throw insults at each other such as, “You always…You never…” and “whataboutisms.” The parties often rage to each other on the phone and write scathing emails and text messages back and forth. There is a better way. Maintaining your dignity during the divorce process allows you to pursue your new life with a more positive outlook without leaving behind carnage.

How a Family Counselor May Help

Communicating with your spouse during the divorce process is difficult even in the best of times. A mental health professional can help you go through this and assist you in developing communication skills that will carry you into the future. This is especially important if you have children together and will be co-parenting essentially for the rest of your life.

How Your Attorney May Help

If you are unable to communicate with your spouse in an amicable way, rely on your attorney to do it for you. Your attorney can communicate with the attorney for your spouse, or even directly with your spouse if he or she does not have an attorney. The communication will be respectful and will relieve you of the need to have that communication.

Divorce Tips:

  • Do not respond to any communication in the heat of the moment. Think about it. If you receive an angry email from your spouse, do not fire back your answer. Maybe write it out and share it with your attorney for advice before you send your response.
  • Do not begin a romantic relationship during the pendency of the divorce. This stirs up emotions and can interfere with you keeping our dignity during the divorce process.  This can cause a lot of unnecessary issues during a divorce and it is best to wait to begin or pursue another relationship.
  • See a family counselor as discussed above.

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