Practice Areas

Our practice areas include Family Law, Estate Planning, CPS Cases and Business Formations. We offer services for both contested divorces and uncontested matters, as well as mediation, child support, modifications and premarital agreements.

In Family Law, we provide comprehensive services for both contested and uncontested divorces, including property division and child custody matters for couples with children. As Texas is a community property state, we offer guidance to properly classify and maximize the division of assets to suit your individual needs, assisting you at every step of the process, even if you have already initiated the divorce independently.

Mediation programs offer valuable benefits for divorcing couples and post-divorce custody disputes, providing an opportunity for parties to reach agreements without going to court. By utilizing a neutral third party, mediation promotes positive dispute resolution, avoids adversarial procedures, and is often more cost-effective compared to a bench trial. Particularly in cases involving children, mediation becomes crucial as it prioritizes the children’s well-being and encourages a cooperative relationship between parents. In Texas, mandatory mediation is typically required for contested custody or visitation matters, assuming both parties are represented by attorneys and there are no allegations of domestic abuse. We offer mediation services and both Marci and Bonnie are certified family law mediations. We offer rates for a half-day or full-day mediation. We can mediate your case virtually or in person. Contact us today to schedule mediation with one of our experienced mediators.