How Much Does a Divorce Cost?

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Embarking on the road to divorce presents many questions, rife with emotional turmoil and financial uncertainty. Yet, amidst the chaos, one common question persists: “How much will this divorce cost?” The answer, as any attorney will tell you, is that it depends. The price tag of a divorce hinges on a variety of factors that… Read more »

The Emotional Costs of Divorce

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Psychologists rank divorce as the second most stressful life event coming in only behind the death of a spouse. The emotional costs are high. Someone going through divorce can handle the stress better if they have a good support system. This can be family or friends, but having a counselor to talk to, or some… Read more »

Common Divorce Questions: How Much Does A Divorce Cost?

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 One question almost every person who is beginning the divorce process asks is, “How much is this going to cost?” The definitive answer is, “It all depends.” There is no way to predict exactly how much a divorce will cost since it depends entirely on how contentious the spouses are. Family law attorneys almost all… Read more »