What Happens To The Home In a Divorce?

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One of the main concerns of a divorcing couple is, “What happens to the house?” One or both parties may want to stay in the family home for various reasons. This may or may not be possible since, in their new life as ex-spouses, the family income will now be supporting two households.  We can help provide options…. Read more »

Divorce During the Holidays

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It is important to determine how you, your children, and your ex-spouse are going to handle the holidays. This is especially important if this will be your first Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, or other holiday after the divorce has been filed. We have some recommendations that may help. Plan Ahead The spouses should discuss  on their own to see… Read more »

The Fear of Divorce: Understanding and Tackling Your Fears

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Divorce and fear go hand in hand. If you are feeling some anxiety about the idea of divorce or the divorce process itself, know that you are not alone. Fear of the unknown is one of the most common reactions to the divorce process.   Understanding Divorce Fears While divorce can be scary, managing your fears is an important part of the divorce process.  Fear can result in… Read more »