Working Through the Challenges of Divorce During the Holidays

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Holidays for divorced parents and their children are often difficult. The first year the family celebrates celebrating separately is generally the worst. If possible, if you can incorporate your standard traditions into your new way of addressing the holidays, it will be easier for your children. Plan to Share the Time and Co-Parent According to… Read more »

Navigating Disputes on COVID Issues Regarding Children in Divorce Situations

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One disagreement divorcing parents often have is about health care decisions for their children. This is particularly the case when deciding whether the children should be vaccinated against COVID-19, or whether they can visit other children’s homes or have their friends visit them, and other controversial COVID issues. How Parents Can Resolve Disagreements Concerning COVID-19… Read more »

Making Informed Decisions In Your Divorce

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Going through a divorce is one of the most stressful life-changing events you may ever experience. The need to make good decisions can seem overwhelming. However, when those are informed decisions, you can feel in control of the process instead of feeling like the process is controlling them. How to Make Informed Financial Decisions During… Read more »

How Divorce After 50 is Different

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Divorce after 50, or Gray Divorce as it is often called, presents unique issues not generally found in divorces among younger people. There are likely no minor children, but the couple has accumulated more assets than younger people since they have been married longer. Two main issues that are challenging in a Gray Divorce are:… Read more »

Positive Habits to Help You Through Your Divorce

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Going through a divorce is a highly stressful event no matter why you and your spouse have decided to separate. This is true even if you both agree that the divorce is in your best interest. This is particularly true if one of you wants the divorce and the other one does not. Learning Positive… Read more »