Same-Sex Marriage and Divorce in Texas: Equality and Legal Consideration

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The acceptance and legalization of same-sex marriage have paved the way for same-sex divorce to become a reality. In Texas, the process of obtaining a same-sex divorce is like that of a traditional heterosexual marriage divorce. This article explores the legal aspects and considerations surrounding same-sex divorce in Texas. Equal Treatment under Texas Law: In… Read more »

Premarital Agreements in Texas

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Many people assume a premarital agreement, also commonly known as “prenuptial agreements” in other states, means that the couple getting married is also planning for when they get a divorce. In reality, a prenuptial agreement promotes communication between the engaged couple and can be viewed as a pathway to how they plan to handle their… Read more »

Why Preserve a Relationship After a Divorce?

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Preserving relationships after a divorce sounds like an oxymoron. You are trying to get away from the person, so why would you want to preserve the relationship? If you have children together, you will need to interact with each other for the rest of your lives. Co-parenting is a full-time job until children reach the… Read more »

Why Should I Get a Prenup?

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Valentine’s Day is a time when a lot of couples get engaged. In the weeks that follow, there should be a discussion about whether to have a prenup. There are some good reasons for getting a prenuptial or premarital agreement. 5 Reasons to Get a Prenup Prenuptial agreements have received their share of criticism. Some say… Read more »