The Emotional Costs of Divorce

Psychologists rank divorce as the second most stressful life event coming in only behind the death of a spouse. The emotional costs are high.

Someone going through divorce can handle the stress better if they have a good support system. This can be family or friends, but having a counselor to talk to, or some kind of mental health professional, who can guide the person to coming to grips with their own emotions is always helpful and sometimes necessary.

Ways to Mitigate the Stress of Divorce

Emotional Cost of divorce

You must take care of yourself during the divorce. Exercise. Meditate. Concentrate on getting proper nutrition and rest. You will make better decisions when you are not under so much stress. Take time to get away for the weekend to rejuvenate.

It is common to grieve over the loss of the family structure. This is true even if both parties believe the divorce is in their best interest. Sometimes one party wants a divorce and the other one does not. Grief is greater in these situations.

There are also feelings of exhaustion. One or both spouses have had to physically move from one home to a new location. The logistics of separating homes takes a lot of time and energy. Exhaustion increases when coupled with grief.

Although it may seem nice to think of having time to yourself when the children are with the other parent, most parents feel a sense of loss, at least at first. You may rattle around the empty house and feel more alone than ever.

A mental health professional can help you sort through these emotions and develop coping skills. You can learn self-care techniques to use during your lonely times. When the children are away may be a good time to treat yourself to a massage. Take an art class. Do something you have wanted to do for years but never had enough time for.

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